SKYLION F1 Wired 3 Keys Mouse Colorful Lighting Gaming and Office For Microsoft Windows and Apple IOS System


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• Colorful Lighting :The mouse features colorful lighting that adds a touch of style to your gaming or office setup.

• Both Hands Hand Orientation :The mouse is designed for both left and right-handed users, ensuring comfort and ease of use for everyone.

• Opto-electronic Operation Mode :The mouse uses opto-electronic technology for precise and accurate tracking, providing a smooth and seamless gaming or work experience.

• 3 Buttons :With 3 buttons, the mouse provides easy access to various functions, making it a convenient tool for all your computer needs.

Product Information

One: This is a wired 3-button USB interface game Office mouse

Second: The mouse has white and black options.

Third: The mouse has automatic color lighting mode.

Fourth: the cost performance of the mouse is very high.


1. Wash your hands before using the mouse to prevent sweat and bacteria from contaminating the mouse. Washing hands after use can prevent contamination by bacteria on the mouse.

2. The mouse should be placed on a smooth desktop and a mouse pad should be used to avoid falling and soiling the mouse.

3. Before using the mouse, be sure to carefully check the instructions of the mouse and operate according to the requirements and specifications in the instructions.

4. Do not put other items on the mouse to avoid damaging or soiling the keys.

5. When cleaning the mouse, do not wash it directly with water. For non-waterproof mouse, it may become invalid after washing.

6. Don’t vent your emotions on the mouse. The most common thing is to pat the mouse hard when it crashes. On the one hand, it will reduce the service life of the mouse; On the other hand, it will pat the sweat stains and dandruff in your hands on the mouse.

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White, Black

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